Our Products

MELA products are good for your health, for your pocket, for the environment, and for our society. Women and girls’ menstrual hygiene and health is our top priority. This is why we use the best fabrics available and avoid harmful chemicals and plastics that cause irritations and rashes. MELA pads are unique pieces, hand-made with a lot of love by Ethiopian women for you. In addition, when you buy MELA products, you are supporting an Ethiopian social company investing in the future of girls and women.

We care, and you?

High quality materials

High absorbency (15-20 ml or approximately 8 hours), ensuring no leakages and full protection.


Reusable and durable solutions for years without the need for a monthly purchase, what brings more than 95% savings in menstrual products.

Comfortable and discreet

Pleasant and easy to wear, change, wash, dry and store. Thin like a disposal pad.



Breathable and waterproof fabrics with ergonomic and tested designs. This avoids irritations and allows free and comfortable movements.

Enviromentally responsible

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products made by reusable and recycled materials.


Attractive designs because there is no need to sacrifice style and desirability during menstruation.


MELA Basic

Minimalist yet beautiful and effective pad.

MELA Premium

Highest protection. Our most advanced pad.


Good for you, good for the environment, good for all.

MELA Dignity Kits

To help women and girls in crisis and difficult situations.

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