MELA Dignity Kits

MELA FOR HER provides hygiene and sanitary items to maintain or restore the hygiene, health and dignity of women and girls during and after a crisis.

Most of the products included in our dignity kits are made by social enterprises or small companies based in Ethiopia, which generates jobs for vulnerable women and youth.

MELA Basic Dignity Kits contains:

4 MELA pads
4 MELA Pads (3 day and 1 night) of your choice (Premium, Basic or Eco) plus 1 waterproof carrying pouch.
2 underwears
Made with cotton or polyester fabrics. Comfortable and full coverage panties that perfectly fit any body.
1 Multi-purpose Bag
Made in Ethiopia in different sizes and styles to store and transport pads, underwear and other items. Logos can be printed on request.

Not all women and girls are the same, and so, MELA’s dignity kits vary across communities. Customized kits can also be ordered to include items such as: multi-purpose soap, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, solar torch, facial mask, and buckets, among others.