When you buy MELA products, you are part of a revolution.

Our products are:

  • Good for your health: Women and girls’ menstrual hygiene and health is our priority, this is why we use the most natural fabrics available and avoid harmful chemicals and plastics that cause irritations and rashes.
  • Good for the environment: Our products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. All our products and packagings are reusable, what creates considerably less overall waste compared to disposable products.
  • Good for your pocket: Offering reusable solutions for years without the need for a monthly purchase will bring you more than 95% savings in menstrual products.
  • Good for our society: Our products are made with a lot of love by Ethiopian women for women and girls in Ethiopia and worldwide.

In addition, you are supporting an Ethiopian social company investing in the future of girls and women.

We care, and you?