MELA Premium

MELA Premium is made of a combination of soft and resistant fabrics that guarantee the highest protection and value for money. 

The most innovative technologies are applied to produce the most advanced pad. The antimicrobial technology ensures maximum safety and hygiene.

In addition, MELA Premium is very easy to wash and dries quickly after washing, which is important during the rainy season.

Size: Day size (27x11cm, 19cm wing span) for moderate flow and Night size (33x11cm, 19cm wing span) for heavy flow
Color: Rubard
Duration: 4 years

Simply wonderful

“It is a wonderful product. I am very happy to have made the switch from disposal to reusable sanitary pads. It feels just like underwear. I often forget that I am wearing it.”

Eden, Ziway.

Everything is easy

“I love these pads. They are easy to wash and do not get stained. I feel dry throughout the day. Thank you MELA!”

Birtukan, Addis Ababa.

Safety first

“It makes me feel safe to know that there is an anti-microbial treatment and the pad is breathable and waterproof. No more sweating. This is an effective solution for women”.

Rediet, Hawasa.