Breaking disinformation and silence

In an effort to ensure that women and girls can properly manage menstruation, access to basic education and information becomes critical. This is the reason why our products are always accompanied by cultural and age-appropriate informative and educational materials that can be used individually or collectively and in a variety of settings. Our materials also aim to contribute to break persistent gender and social norms, stigma, misconceptions and taboos around menstruation, which in many cases lead to exclusion and discrimination of women and girls in Ethiopia.

Informative and Educational Materials


In collaboration with the designer Alexia Van Moorsel, we are proud to present our new Instructions Flyer that clearly explains how to use and take care of MELA pads. Following these instructions, your pads will look awesome and last longer.

Menstrual Calendar

Wondering when your period comes and goes? Not any more! Start tracking your period with our easy-to-use menstrual calendar. Thanks to MELA FOR HER, you will be able to stay on track and feel confident.

Flip chart

MELA Flipchart is a useful resource for teachers, social workers and women leaders to explain girls and women the basics of menstruation management. It can be used in both in trainings and demonstrations.

Short Movie

“Nimo: a story of period poverty”

Nimo, a girl from Somali region, opens his heart to explain her story, a story that is shared by millions of girls in Ethiopia and in other countries. The internationally acclaimed feminist filmmaker, Hiwot Admasu Getaneh, has made one of her most personal works by giving voice to an adolescent Somali girl that in spite of her suffering and insecurities due to menstruation wants to share a message full of hope to the world.

Sponsored by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), MELA FOR HER and Pastoralist Concern together with EFUYE GELA FILMS has produced this short movie with the objective to raise awareness on the challenges that adolescent girls face, particularly in the pastoralist and semi-pastoralist areas of Ethiopia .

More to come soon.

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Additional resources

These are some of our favorite knowledge hubs. They  contain plenty of studies, resources, tools and much more.

We will be adding to this over the coming months, so please keep checking back for more resources!