Made from recycled cotton and fabrics available in Ethiopia, MELA Eco ensures sustainability, absorbency and comfort. 

Like all MELA pads, MELA Eco is free of harmful chemicals. It protects your health, and it protects the environment. 

Available in different colors to enjoy beautiful periods!

Size: Day size (27x11cm, 19cm wing span) for moderate flow and Night size (33x11cm, 19cm wing span) for heavy flow
Color: Different colors (grey, yellow, blue, red, pink, green, etc. )
Duration: 1.5 – 2 years

Goodbye itching!

“When I was using disposal pads, I used to have itching and irritations after the second day. Now that I use MELA Pads, all that is gone. I highly recommend them”.
Sorit, Jijiga.
Soft & fun
“I bought them for my daughter who is 16 years old. What she likes most is that they are very soft, comfortable and available in many colours. She loves the yellow one”.
Elsa, Addis Ababa.

Eco friendly

“I was not aware of all the plastics and chemicals that were in my pads! I was polluting the environment and damaging my health. This is not the case anymore since I am using MELA reusable sanitary pads”.
Rebecca, Jimma.